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Anti Missile System: How Israel is saving its people?

anti missile system

For a long time now, technology and software have been playing a major role in security and defense mechanisms. Countries are competing with each other in terms of technological advances to create the best defense systems to protect their people. Consequently, Such competition has led to a lot of defense innovations over the years. One such innovation is the most talked-about system, the Iron Dome System of Israel. It is an all-weather anti-missile system which intercepts and destroys short-range missiles to protect people and crucial assets.

Iron Dome: The Anti Missile System of Israel

The iron dome System is one of the most complex anti-missile systems with an accuracy of 90%. This System is made up of 3 modules as below:

– Detection and Tracking

Firstly, The Detection and Tracking system Uses radar to detect incoming missiles. This system release radio waves that bounce back upon hitting an incoming missile. These bounced radio waves are recognized using a radio detector. This helps countries to track the incoming missile. Hence, the incoming missile is identified and tracked accordingly. On the whole, the radar system helps in identifying incoming missiles.

– Battle Management System

Secondly, Battle Management System is the most advanced software system. In fact, this system watches for the path of the incoming missile. With AI/ML-based technology, the system calculates the expected location of impact. This location is then classified as an affected or unaffected location. Unaffected locations are those which does not have any serious effect on people and assets. This data is then being fed to AI/ML systems to store the classified data for future classifications. Moreover, this system helps to make faster and better decisions through reliable real time information flow. This in turn leads to quicker arrangement.

– Missile Firing Unit

Thirdly, upon successful calculation of location, the missile firing unit comes into action. Indeed, this system uses the classified data fed into the system to fire defense missiles accordingly. For Instance, the anti-missile system fires a defensive missile only if the incoming missile is supposed to fall on an affected location. These include places where people stay or places that have important assets. Moreover, this system doesn’t fire anti-missile over unaffected places.


This system is saving lives of thousands of people in Israel. It can neutralize multiple targets at the same time which has made it the most advanced system. In fact, for a successful BMS the software and technology used should be highly secure and fast. With so many software out there, Iron Dome is still considered to be one of the best due to its reliability and quality. In India the, Indian Army has proposed for a BMS in 2017. It is still in development under ‘Make in India’ Scheme.

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