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Threat Intelligence: Ways to Secure Software Development Successfully

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Ever since the third industrial revolution, every organization the data it collects and stores are valuable. Data has seen a significant value since half of the last century and will continue to be an important thing. Because data is critical to make significant decisions, manage and organize businesses, and most importantly to provide statistics. But with digitization and technology also comes the ability to misuse data. Safeguarding data has been a great matter of importance. Because the security of data determines the reputation of a company. Also, data security increases customer confidence. Here is where threat intelligence comes into play.

There are over millions of threat indicators available in the market. With the technological gain, more and more Threat indicators are providing real-time data using AI/ML. All of these have their own set of features, capabilities, and costs associated with them. Truly, what’s most important is secure quick analysis and response.

How does it work?

A Platform where data like IP address, server name from various sources are collected and organized. Using AI/ML, the system analyzes patterns and events in the real-time data collected to enrich data accordingly. Threat Intelligence Platform then identifies possible data breaches, intrusion, ransomware, and unusual activity in real-time. Using this cybersecurity team of the organization prioritizes risks and threats to automate responses with the Development team.

Threat Intelligence in Software Development

In Small Enterprises cybersecurity team, development team all are the same. Developers are the ones who would be providing the required security for the package developed. There wouldn’t be any security team to help them understand threat intelligence feeds. In these cases, we have curated few ways through which we secure our development efforts.

1. Secure Code

Firstly, focus on creating secure code. With a lot of rush to implement modules for clients, developers generally tend to complete the code first. Agile methodology has indeed added more fuel to this. With this being the agenda, many developers tend to implement the functionality first and then try to secure it. Instead, enterprises should focus on developing a secure standard way of development in the first place. Once general excellence on privacy and security has been created, we can then move on to implementing functionalities.

Feeds from simple threat intelligence platforms may not be real-time, but still, the data of where the attack could potentially happen may help developers. These methodologies are highly useful for small enterprises.

2. Vulnerability Check

Secondly, you need to be very careful while using Open Source Code from Libraries. Careful analysis of vulnerabilities of the piece of code that you use can prove to be very helpful in preventing data threats and hacks. This is one of the most effective ways by which you can prevent any vulnerability to the package.

3. Proper Testing

Thirdly, Proper testing of the software needs to be done. Most of the time data breaches occur due to major software defects. Thorough rigorous testing of the software will help patch the defects in code. This is the most basic way through which you can easily prevent data breaches. Threat Intelligence Platforms provide data that help developers understand what is going wrong and where. This indeed helps developers make precise decisions


At Chamaka, the software products that we have been creating for our clients are mostly related to finance and valuable client information. So we never take any chance in compromising data security at any stage. With a general standard principle drafted for privacy and security in place for every project, we always abide by that before we start developing. Proper testing of the software product is done before handing it over to clients for them to go live. Moreover, With advanced security updates, firewall blocking, and encryption abilities every single piece of information is highly secured. Data security is the most important value of Chamaka and we never compromise on it at any point in time.

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