How to reduce bounce rate of my WordPress website?

Bounce rate of any website is the ratio of one-page visits made by users to the total number of website visitors. In this article you will see how to check and reduce bounce rate of WordPress Website.

In your Google Analytics Dashboard, there will be a tab in the left side which shows Audience. Now, Just click on the Overview tab and you will be able to see the bounce rate if your website.

If the bounce rate of your site is less than 55%, then you are perfectly engaging your targeted audience with the right content and user experience. Unfortunately, if you see a bounce rate greater than 60% then, either people don’t feel related to your services and products or their user experience is very poor.

Let’s look at the 5 possible ways to reduce bounce rate of WordPress Site :

1. High page loading time

Firstly, If your website takes a lot of time to load, there are high chances of losing the ability to make your potential visitors take a detailed look of your website. People are going to get upset and leave when their waiting time is more. So, have a thorough check on your website speed.

2. Substandard backlinks from other sites

Secondly, Building a strong backlink base is very good from SEO point of view. But you need to understand that not just quantity but quality also matters. Backlinks from untrusted websites are definitely going to increase your bounce rate.

3. Low quality images, videos & Animations

Thirdly, Users or Visitors expect a pleasant user-experience upon entering a website. If you don’t provide them one you are definitely going to lose them. Usage of low quality content in your side drastically increase your website, because people won’t feel good and relatable.

4. Unpleasant website design

Fourthly, Choose the design of your website very carefully. It should be in such a way that people connect to your brand instantly. A good quality website showcases your credibility in this digital era.

5. Distracting Advertisements

Finally, Make sure you don’t have too many unwanted advertisements in your site. It might make your site look unreliable and reduce people’s trust on you. Choose advertisements that relates to your website content. In that case, people will feel more relatable.

These are the most possible reasons for high bounce rate of you Website. If you focus on these key elements you can easily reduce bounce rate of your WordPress Website.

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